A Health And Wellness Experience For Foodies

About Our Green Affair

Our passion is crafting delicious meals that elevate your day! Whether you're seeking a swift, tasty snack or more hearty and fulfilling dish, we've got you covered. Experience the joy of eating with our exceptional food that's designed not just to satisfy hunger but make feel fantastic.

The idea behind Our Green Affair was planted with a diagnosis. In our family, we are major foodies. In fact, trying everything at least once was engined in our brains. That staple of who we were became a little more complicated when Jeanette, the youngest of the family was diagnosed with Crohn's, an inflammatory bowel disease which causes severe abdominal pain and heavily regulates your food options. She was forced to change her eating habits entirely. It became clear that we were going through this together, and as a family we had to eat clean. But we weren't willing to give up something that defined us: our love of food. With a change in lifestyle without compromising the taste in food sparked an idea in Jackie: to create something healthy and fun. A farm-to-table experience that would change the way people think about eating healthy. It's easy. It's affordable, and it's authentically you.